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Prepress Machinery

Today Factor Druck uses two thermal CTP plates controlled by Kodak Prinergy Connect system.

Advantages of CTP:
1. Reduction of time of technological cycle;
2. Stably high quality of plates;
3. thermal laser allows to achieve a high quality image.


We use the following prepress equipment:

  • Color proofing equipment “Creo Integris 800”;
  • CtP device “Kodak Trendsetter 400 III Quantum”;
  • CtP device “Creo Trendsetter 800”.

We also use the CTF equipment:

  • developer “ОZASOL VA 88T-P”;
  • copying frame “SACK HELIOPRINT”.

In produsing plates we use the procedures recommended by ISO 12647 standard and German Institute FOGRA.


Printing machinery

Using offset printing we produce newspapers, magazines, catalogs, calendar products, leaflets, booklets, books, posters and makes it possible to obtain high-quality printed products.
Гордость типографии Фактор Друк MAN Roland Uniset 75

Due to offset printing we can produce big printruns in short terms.

Web printing

We have 4 different Web printing machines, including Web offset press MAN Roland «Uniset 75» (up to 32 pages 4+4  of tabloid size (А3) and up to 48 pages (16 pages 4+4 and 32 pages 2+2) of tabloid size (А3)).

It is equipped with Infrared dryer, which allows to use the light coated and super-calendered paper.


Flat printing

We also use 4 different Flat printing machines, including:

•Ten-color offset press «Speedmaster», B1 size, capable of two-sided printing during one run;
•Four-color offset press «Man Roland 204», В2 size, 4+0, print speed up to 11000 sheets per hour;



Finishing Machinery

We may offer you the most various postpress processes:
•Lamination (matt/gloss) – laminating machines ”Foliant 720T” and ”Foliant 720”;
•Embossing and die-cutting – “TYMK-720” machinery;
•Collating – 24-section machine “Brehmer 881/24”;
•Perfect binding – “Muller Martini ”Amigo 1500”;
•Saddle-stitching  - saddle-stitcher “Muller Martini “Bravo-S” and “Muller Martini 4;
•Binding – binder “RENZ SRW” (step 3:1), RENZ ECO S 360 (step 2:1), BY-0608 B and RENZ PUNCH 500 (steps 3:1 and 2:1);
•Cover-making - casemaker “Kolbus DA-270; “Petratto SAB 100” Integra casemaking machine;
•Casing - perfectbinder MULLER MARTINI TRENDBINDER 3009 + DIAMANT;;
•Thread sewing – sewing machines “Astronic 180", "Aster 220";
•Shrink packaging – machine “MINIPACK TORRE FC 76 SA” and MULLER MARTINI;
•UV varnishing – screen printing machine Thieme TN-4020.




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