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Printing house Factor Druk

Perfect place for printing Your jobs!

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Factor Druk production capabilities:
  • 1+ million hardcover books per month
  • 2+ million softcover books per month
  • 5+ million saddle-stitched magazines per month
  • 10+ million newspapers per month

23 years of printing services experience
Factor Druk is the largest A to Z printing house in Ukraine.
Modern park of high-tech equipment
We constantly upgrade our machinery park to provide world-class printing services.
Experienced and highly qualified staff
Well-coordinated professional team
400+ employees

We produce

  • Books

    According to statistics, every third book our country is printed in a printing house Factor

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  • Newspapers

    Newspapers remain a popular source of information, despite the massive popularity of online resources. According

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  • Magazines

    The specificity of magazines as one of the types of periodicals, provides a completely different

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  • School diary
    School diary

    School diary - the constant companion of every student for more than ten years. And

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Our advantages
  • All possible printing services
    Prepress, printing, various book finishing. High quality paper, ink etc.
  • Printing house works 24/7
    Large printruns in short terms due to round-the-clock operation and modern equipment.
  • Quality control system
    Each stage of the production process  is thoroughly cheked.
  • Advanced Logistics System
    We deliver Your order directly to Your or Your client's warehouse.

Our clients

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