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Fruitful 2017!

The past year turned out to be fruitful for our company. The largest printing house in Ukraine presented itself at international exhibitions in Germany, Italy, and Russia. In 2017, for the first time, Factor Druk took part in The London Book Fair in the UK. As a result, new contracts with customers from the USA, Portugal and Belarus were added to the company's list. For the latter, Factor Druk has already produced more than 80 types of printed products.

In 2017 we produced 56 million newspapers, 32 million magazines, 10 million books, of which 2 million in soft and 8 million in hardcover. In addition, the printing house issued 173 titles of textbooks.

It turns out that the printing of books is ordered not only by the publishing houses: in 2017, in the context of cooperation with the network of supermarkets ATB, Factor Druk printed a cooking book of the famous chef and TV presenter Héctor Jiménez-Bravo (350,000 copies) and the children's book "Alice in Wonderland" ( 30 thousand copies).

Despite the growth of the digital printing market, transition from traditional print media to online media, offset printing continues to be in the lead in terms of production volumes, and according to experts, until 2020, it will hold a share of 70% of the market. Today there is a steady demand for book products, production of non-standard printed products and unique post-print processing.

Thanks to the renovation and replenishment of the park of printing equipment and post-printing equipment, "Factor-Druk" entered the new year with new proposals. Printing with white paint on Kraft paper, rounding corners, spiral binding - these and other possibilities will allow the company to expand not only the range of its offers, but also the circle of customers.