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New challenges are the highroad to success

Do you know what is the color hue of psychedelic mood? Or the color of summer breeze or… the color of the silence? Or perhaps you can easily distinguish auspicial Matsuba-iro colour from expressive Honsu? No, you definitely prefer the colors giving the impression of  genuineness, splendor and serenity.

Today I am holding the book-challenge with the title “Practical color combinations ” – one-of-a-kind.

This book is an indispensable tool for designers, architects or other creators because it contains all the information about every imaginable color combinations.

And at this point the challenges get started : there are more than 2500 various color samples in the book and the requirement for the color reproduction quality is significantly higher than the international standard ISO 12647 is supposed to have.

It’s necessary to represent a wide dynamic range of colors on one printing sheet and to be utterly exact in rendering particular color hues. At the same time it’s vital to reproduce chromatic and achromatic colors maintaining the contrast of saturation (our collegues from printing industry should realize the level of sophistication).

And further there is no magic, just top professional performance.

The stable quality during printing process was provided by German machine ManRoland R705 of HiPrint. Integrated spectrophotometer GM FM19 and additionally Techkon SpectroDens controlled the process.

But the challenges do not end here!

The book layout of the author Naomi Kuno was created on the basis of Japanese printing standards and coloristics.

It seemed to be almost impossible to make this book in conditions of European printing house that utilizes European materials and inks.

But even here we have found new technical solution.

The next key task was to define the optimal pages positioning on the printing sheet so the printing specialist could precisely adjust and control the ink flow during the process.

And as you can guess, we managed to do that as well.

We are extremely proud of being able to bring this project into life.

The team of Printing house FactorDruk, Фактор-Друк, thank you for the work. Onwards and upwards!