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Printing company “Factor Druk” turned 21 years old!

05/30/2017 - The birthday of the printing house "Factor Druk, the day when 380 people feel like a birthday person all at the same time.
Today, the largest in Ukraine printing company "Factor Druk" turned 21 years old. To celebrate this occasion, a special event took place, which honored the best employees by the results of the year.
Founder and president of the "Factor" Group of companies, Sergey Polituchiy, greeted all those present and congratulated our printing house on “adulthood”. He noted that despite the difficulties faced by the printing industry over the past year, the printing house managed to maintain its planned growth rates and, even expand the equipment stock by adding another one high-speed machine for sewing book blocks.
CEO, Olga Shapoval, thanked employees of the company for the high quality work, noting that the results of their hard work come into the hands of 15 million people all over Ukraine, as well as hundreds of thousands of European readers.