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The booklet is quite a popular form of informational and promotional printed products. They look much presentable traditional leaflets, through the creasing(bending one or more times). And also can accommodate on their mini-pages much more information. Therefore, if your company is a regular participant in presentations, exhibitions or festivals, you just can't do without a professionally printed booklet.

The better and more sensible you will create a booklet, the more trust and interest will cause your company to clients and partners.

Printing house Factor Druk produce the printing of promotional booklets on modern high-tech equipment with the use of any types of paper on request of the customer.

If you need printung of promotional booklets, our experienced designers will give advice how competently place the information so that it attracts the attention and motivated to action. The cost of booklets are submited with each customer individually and our specialists carefully and conscientiously carry out your orders.