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Today every digital device is equipped with the calendar, that every day is at hand. Nevertheless, in any office walls and desktops can see the same calendar. After all, look at the calendar, constantly hanging on the wall, still faster. And in our century time is money. In addition, quality calendar, has become as a popular symbolic gifts for partners and customers.

So printing of calendars is a popular service of the printing house Factor Druk. We can print the calendar not only in their layouts but also branded calendars and calendars with customer's design.
In our printing house depending on the size and destination of the products is produced:

  • printing of wall calendars,
  • printing of desktop calendars,
  • printing of wall flip calendars,
  • printing of pocket calendars.

The production of calendars to order in printing house Factor Druk is produced in accordance with customer requirement on a coated paper, cardboard sided or double-sided coating or on any design paper. Most popular binding of calendar, which our customer schoose , is binding on the spring, however, we can perform the binding with hot melt glue.
So if you need calendars, no matter what format and what kind of paper, without a doubt, please apply to the printing house Factor Druk. We will fulfill your order with the best materials on high class imported equipment with strict compliance with the agreed terms of the order. Calendars printed by us, with dignity will take its place at your company or will become a worthy gift for your colleagues and clients.