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Product catalog - that's the thing, without which is impossible the development nor manufacturing, nor commercial enterprises. Catalogues have the full range of products or services. The product catalogue has not only its direct informative task, but also a number of hidden objectives. This are reputational goal, and purchase motivating, and goal of expanding the customer base of the company. That is why it is important to relate to the creation of the directory responsibly and creatively.

Printing house "Factor Druk" offers the printing of catalogues on the most modern equipment with using of high quality paints and paper.

We know firsthand how important it is to have an eye-catching catalog of products at specialized exhibitions, where often you establishe contacts with potential customers or partners. In such situations, catalogues fulfil a image-building function. After all, a stable and competitive company's catalog will be performed at the highest level. Specialists of printing house "Factor Druk" have a professional approach to technical implementation of printing catalogues of products, but also can suggest how to make them more attractive and "eye-catchy" for customers. Our equipment allows us to print catalogues formats from A2 to A4 soft and hard cover on coated and glossy paper by using embossed elements, stamping, etc.
If you need to create high quality and effective catalogues and ready to order production in the printing house "Factor Druk", you are guaranteed you can count on:

  • first-class product quality;
  • timely execution of the order within a specified period of time;
  • affordable design services and printing.