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The specificity of magazines as one of the types of periodicals, provides a completely different printing embodiment of this product. Despite the fact that the magazines is not necessarily information only from the world of fashion and show business, it looks more exclusive, and therefore more expensive. Thanks to the relatively costly process of creating magazines, to information posted on their pages, subconsciously it arouse interest and trust.

Due to this, magazines contain various of information: from public and policy to advertising and general information. The production equipment of the printing house Factor Druk allows you to print magazines of the highest quality. The cost of printing copies is negotiated with each customers individually. We are very punctilious approach to the terms of the order, so you will become your magazines in time.
If you want to print the magazines in a printing house Factor Druk, you need to order a miscalculation on our website, after that you will contact our specialist who will provide all the necessary information and answer all your questions.
Manufacturing capabilities of printing house allow us to satisfy the most demanding publisher. We print slick magazine from A6 to A3 format, as well as magazines on newsprint or offset paper of various sizes and color. A day we can print 1 million copies of newspapers and magazines.