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Printing of notebooks is one of the directions of production of the printing house Factor Druk. The production of notebooks in the corporate style of the company, due to the rules of its brand book - the most popular service of the last decade. And this is not surprising. After all, branded notebooks can be used not only by employees of the enterprise, these branded printing facilities are also often used in the role of gift and related to any event production.

A company that has stationery with personal logo, in particular, notebooks, calendars, diaries, etc., is taken as a stable and reliable partner. Subconsciously, this company has credibility. Therefore, we are ready to take upon the printing of notebooks with your company logo. Even if you have not yet worked out the design of printed products, but you have a vision of how it should be, our designers can easily bring your ideas to life.
We will provide you with the widest possible range of options what will your branded notebooks. Our modern equipment allows us to print branded notebooks on different types of paper:

  • offset,
  • coated,
  • bulky,
  • light coated
  • design paper.
  • дизайнерской (foreign and domestic manufacturer).

You can also choose binding of your branded notebooks:

  • on the spring,
  • on the bracket,
  • integral,
  • laminating,
  • with using coating materials and cardboard on foam.

Density of paper for your notebook may be from 55 to 250 g/m2.
If you decide to order the notebook in the printing house Factor Druk, you can be sure that your notebook with the logo on order will take its permanent place not only on the table of the employees, but also on the table of the potential customers and partners.