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Planing is a business accessory that is used to plan their working time by writing short notes in the calendar. So if you are an active specialist, attending lots of meetings and activities, or an employer seeking to help your staff organize their working hours, you can not do it without planin . The main advantage of planing is when you fill plans for each day, you can see all your week.

This allows you to know your schedule and to objectively assess the degree of the availability. Moreover, the using of planing a workplace of specialist is not clutter with a huge number of stickers, notes, and other papers. Today Planing is actively use during meetings and business meetings, presentations and press conferences have not to miss important events or things.

In printing house Factor Druk you can always order prints of planing  for employees of the company.

If you need to make design for corporate planing with the placement of the useful information (telephone numbers, posts, etc.), our designers will help you with that too.
In our printing house the printing of the planing is done mainly on coated paper with hot-melt glue binding. By production we use paper with weights from 55 to 170 g/m2. In addition, we are always ready to approach individually to each customer, so you can print planing on personal requirements.
Printing house Factor Druk is always  responsible fulfilling his duties by printing production, so be sure you get your planing in time. The cost of each order is discussed individually with each client and depends on the size of order and materials used in production.