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In our culture there is such tradition - to express their joy, gratitude or congratulations connected with a field-day, on the beautiful post card. Sometimes people who is congratulated, take good care of accompanying card, not to the main gift. Because it gives the guests, without exaggeration, a piece of his soul, the good wishes and sincere joy. That is why in the modern shops and newsagents are always sold many types of cards.

However, every year the mass production of postcards is becoming more similar. On the cards are depicted the typical flowers or not-so-funny comics and the back side filled with trite greeting or a poem. As a result - lack of free place for important words personally for a beloved person, and the card loses its sincerity.
Printing house Factor Druk is always ready to help you beautify the special event in your life and suggests making cards made to order. We will print cards  made to order for any occasion.
Moreover, if you have an idea how should look like your postcard, our designers will easily bring your fantasy to life, or offer their own versions.
We also provide you the opportunity to order a card for the wedding and related event attributes: wedding invitations, envelopes for greetings, decorations for rooms on the occasion of the wedding celebrations. Our equipment and applied technology enables you to print the postcards not only with any image, but with relief elements, blocking and many others.
Rely on the printing house Factor Druk, and your special event will get bright colors and soulful tone, along with postcards produced by us.