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School diary

School diary - the constant companion of every student for more than ten years. And if in primary school young pupils, as a rule, choose the school diary in the brilliance of the cover and the picture on their favorite heroes and idols, for upper-formers the cover of the diary is not so principled. But at the same time diaries acquires a certain importance for parents who did not want the child ripped out pages from the diary with bad marks, and a month before the end of the year the diary ended.

We have foreseen this situation and therefore offer you to print the school diary in a printing house Factor Druk. We can print a school diary not only with the necessary number of sheets and the desired language, but with a cover that will like to any child.
In addition, it grows trend, when in gymnasiums, lyceums and even simple schools, students become the same diaries with the corporate design of the institution. Even such a small detail, like the school diary, but the same for all can give a feeling of equality and community in each school.

Printing house Factor Druk qualitatively and timely execute an order for printing of school diaries, also can create the design for these diaries.

Our equipment allows to produce printing of school diaries both standard and non-standard formats on high-quality offset, bulky, coated and light coated paper. Be sure, in the school diaries produced by printing house Factor Druk it will be impossible to quietly correct marks, and number of sheets wil be enough to the end of the school year.